Thursday, January 22, 2015

mini artwork

i've been a serial lowbrow art collector all my life. comic books and gig posters being the greatest influences.

it's always been my weakness. ever since i had a little spare money in my pockets i couldn't resist getting my paws on anything i liked that could (if barely) afford. and never regretted it of course.

naturally since becoming a mom i've been slowly building a small collection for my daughter anna.

i just added another piece today that i felt was perfect.

i love monochrome in a kid's room because stands out amongst all their colorful possessions without tiring the eye. and i've always had a soft spot for bunnies....and pirates. in other words we had to adopt him.

he joins these other friends (we also have a thing for donuts and bears in this home).

i think these fit right in with the personality of a soon to be two-year-old!


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