Friday, January 23, 2015

new year, new budget

back in november i wrote about  my tricks to stay within a monthly budget.

this year i'm about to face a bigger challenge yet as my budget will be cut (volountaily) by 40%!

normally i would see this as a catastrophe BUT i'm very happy with the lifestyle change that is behind the budget refresh, which is to add an extra day for my daughter to go to daycare.

plus, i love a good challenge. telling me i can't do something is the best way to get me to do anything.

however i do think i will need to get creative about this one. my spreadsheet will have to go, as will the hunt for the best deals around.

instead i think i'll aim to decide month by month what item i need to add to my wardrobe the most and just go for one big ticket item.

my thinking is that instead of seeing this as a loss (in quantity) i'll perceive a gain in terms of quality instead.

wish me luck!


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