Tuesday, January 27, 2015

petite wardrobe refresh

petite wardrobe refresh

around this time of year anna's clothes get too small all of a sudden and i have to scramble to get a new wardrobe started for her. basic is the key word around here. she'll grow out of things again in three or four months anyways.

last time i overbought but i think i'm getting better at this now. i love zara for kids' basics. all their clothes are cute without being too cutesy, lots of neutral colors for versatility, and if you stick to the basics the prices are acceptable.

then i usually round this core wardrobe out with a few inexpensive dresses and tees from h&m and a couple of special items from boden, like this puffin sweater from the boys' section (20% today)

but i also have my eyes on this dress!



Carmen Varner said...

Eek, Kid's clothes are so adorable.

Sara said...

I know! I feel so lucky to be able to shop in that section...