Friday, January 30, 2015

wide leg

sweater-mango (similar here)

i've gone and done it again. last pair of wide-legged jeans i got i wore very little. but then i saw this picture from the filippa k fall 2015 show and capitulated.

or rather i thought "i want to be her right now"! 
that's my signal to try again even though i failed the first time around.

so this is how i would wear mine: with biker boots, a shearling jacket or teddy coat and a dolman sweater. warm, practical yet eons away from the parka+snow boots rut i'm in at the moment (70 cm of snow today).

it's nice to try and change things up a little every now and then. worse thing that can happen is i end up looking like a hobo muppet (dr. teeth?) and bury the jeans in my closet to r.i.p.!


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