Sunday, January 4, 2015

winter challenged

when it comes to the deep winter months here in switzerland, i've learned that less is more in terms of options.

you will find me in this every day, with the possible exception of swapping those boots for these taller ones in case of walking in deep snow.

deciding what coat and boots to wear before leaving the house simply grinds down on my nerves and i just end up being cold or uncomfortable just for the sake of variety. 

which is not what i'm striving for in the winter here. i'd describe my goal more as "survival".

you could call that my new year's resolution.

it's a pity but i'll be happy to be reunited with my duflle coat, my shearling jacket and my wellies when stuff starts melting again (that's when most people start posting about spring outfits btw).

i've always been the one ready to jump in the next season a month earlier than anyone else so this is a tough exercise for me!


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