Wednesday, February 18, 2015

first of spring

first purchase for the new season!

normally i'm as frugal as can be (for a shopaholic) but i couldn't risk having these affordable sandals from mango sell out on me.

i've been looking for some tan sandals for a couple of seasons now, but somehow missed finding any that fit the three criteria i had in mind: affordable, comfortable and feminine in an unusual way.

i'm really liking the fashion choices for this spring/summer. there's so much to choose from, so much interesting stuff. you can just pick what suits you to get an easy update to your wardrobe and make a statement without looking clownish.

my inspiration was 100% zara this time.

i think these sandals will be so easy to wear this summer with dresses, minis, midis, shorts-anything!



Badinage said...

Oh they are stunning but with my calves, they'd be awful on me, you must be a long limbed lovely!

Sara said...

Oh, that's funny! I'm quite the opposite at 5'3.

The nice thing about these sandals is the laces hit you at knee-high boot level, which I think is pretty universally flattering as long as you don't lace them too tight to avoid your legs squeezing out of them...

I was surprised that they worked!

Sue said...

Now I was talking to my friend Marlene last weekend as we were in Zara looking at similar knee high lace up sandals and she said they didn't stay up on her. Do yours? Maybe I need to point her in the direction of the Mango ones instead.

Sara said...

They do! But then again I haven't worn them out walking yet...mind you they're not leather, but they're so much cheaper than the Zara ones that I made an exception. They're probably a one season wonder anyways.