Wednesday, February 18, 2015

last of winter

new boots! 
it's been so balmy lately, i've even gone for a walk with no coat on this week. but i won't be fooled into thinking this is the last of winter yet. 

still i've been dying to wear something other that jeans, skirts and dresses possibly, but i was lacking the right pair of winter boots. i found these ones in charcoal that have a wearable hidden wedge from bata online. they were 70% off and a pretty good catch.

my inspiration for how to wear these is 100% emerson fry.

i'm 38 years old and petite. i've loved mini skirts all my life but it gets harder to pull them off as you get older. you want to aim towards sophisticated, not tarty or mumsy.

minis and mini-dresses, come to me now!



Badinage said...

So true about mini skirts, I loved wearing them, you have a few more years of them ahead though!

Sara said...

I like to wear them in the winter with tights and boots now. For summer I prefer pencil skirts...