Sunday, February 8, 2015

season faves

season faves

fur coat-topshop
cropped jeans-j crew (similar here)

instead of pining for pastels & spring (which sounds like a blog name) i'd rather list my top favorite items of the season.

most of these were a surprise and an impulse buy, on sale of course (does anyone buy anything not on sale any more)?

i simply love the faux fur coat and dark wide legged jeans combo. after buying a big fuzzy borg coat earlier this year i also snatched this b/w striped fur number from topshop. fingers crossed about the sizing, i haven't received it yet. if it arrives at the same time the jeans are ready at the tailor's then it's truly a meant to be.

the mango sneakers are absolutely practical but feel fresh at the same time, the holy grail for footwear. i've worn them about town in the snow several times now and they're still going strong. i love to wear them with cropped jeans and a very simple grey coat!



Sue said...

The white sneakers are a game changer aren't they and surprisingly versatile?

Sara said...

I was absolutely surprised by the fact they worked for me! I haven't worn sneakers for years until I found tese....