Sunday, March 22, 2015

free bird

i freed my winter white legs this weekend, even though it's raining.

minis+booties is the right mix to get me through this weird weather phase without getting too crazy, and basically all i feel like wearing these days.

i'm also ready for sandal weather to make an appearance with the first pedi of the year. 

just bring on the sun & happy spring!



Janne said...

gorgeous look!

Sara said...

this formula is all i feel like wearing tese days-white legs and all!

Sue said...

I love the look and I may have a skirt similar to this in my possession but in grey! But going by the weather in the UK at the moment, the legs are staying fully encased in denim for a little longer.

Sara said...

It's definitely my more feminine "uniform", this.

My skirt is gray too so I wore it with a gray sweater or sweatshirt and gray booties...

I like to keep it low key when I show some leg!

Sara said...

P.S. I went "hiking" in this (as in my two-year-old took me for a mini-hike)!