Monday, March 23, 2015

h&m wishlist

faux suede shorts. they look so soft. and i only wear brown from the waist down.

cotton shirt. love the subtle pattern/texture.

off white blazer. desperately want one.

drapey blazer. this one might work too. looks nicer than a cardigan.

khaki jersey dress. i feel i could live in this all spring/summer.

oversized gray tee. another great staple.


Sue said...

I have the black version of the khaki jersey dress and it's actually very easy to live in it. I did spend quite a few days in mine last year - it's one of those no brainer items and depending on footwear and the odd accessory can take it from zero to hero. I can't believe I just typed that ... slap me now! But yup - it's a goodie! I might have to go back for the khaki myself!

Sara said...

That's absolutely my style too-comfy and versatile. Just have to see the khaki in person to check it's not too dark for me. I can do anything from surplus to olive, but anything darker will make me look like I need a doctor (but would totally work for a "winter" like you)!