Friday, March 6, 2015



how did i forget how much i love wearing heels? 
somehow becoming a mom and having to run after a toddler all day gave me an excuse to feel old and frumpy, when really wearing a low heel is almost as comfortable as flats. 
my favorite way to wear a pair of sparkly kitten heels is with jeans and a shirt. so simple and it feels so good.
i have to change into snow boots anyways before heading out!



Sue said...

The striped shirt is a winner in my eyes - I need that or something similar. And kitten heels - I've just bought a leopard pair - don't know when I'm going to wear them but it's nice just to have them ... just incase ... just saying. #nosenseorlogic

Sara said...

I love how the J Crew popover fit me, I have two now that were on super duper sale.

Just go for it and wear the heels!

With skinnies or boyfriend jeans they're so much less intimidating...