Monday, March 9, 2015



oldest trick in the world, but i'd never tried it before: today i mixed my favorite foundation and moisturizer and talk about dramatically different!

best makeup base i've ever experienced. i may even wear just that alone tomorrow morning.

try this if you're like me, always looking for the perfect "there but not there" makeup!



Sue said...

Ah this is actually something I've done for quite a long time - I never liked the full coverage from a foundation and always used a moisturiser mixed with it to "thin" it a little. I never wore much makeup and I had a few wilderness years where I only wore it when I went out. But I've decided I need a little help these days - getting older is not kind. Oh and I think the BB creams do a similar job too.

Sara said...

I'm such a beauty dummy! You should see me every time I try something different, like eyeshadow instead of simple eyeliner, and end up looking like someone socked me in the eye...

So this was groundbreaking stuff hor me. As I get older I love foundation, especially the long wearing kind, but hated the cakeiness. This takes care of that!

I also dislike BB creams and any product with sun protection because it gives my skin the slick effect, particularly in photographs.

Ever noticed that?