Monday, March 30, 2015

spring madness

earrings-j crew (similar here)

shopping-wise i've been all over the place, just like this crazy spring we're having.

there have been many impulse buys (some still in the mail, possibly) and many returns.

two things have stuck, and they couldn't be more different: a pair of statement earrings in versatile navy that i've been wearing almost non-stop (i'm all about the earrings in spring for some reason) and a slim puffer jacket (hallelujah) in ivory that will effectively take the place of the cream blazer i've been pining for-but let's face it-doesn't fit my lifestyle.




Sue said...

Love the earrings! I always think J Crew do some really eye catching stuff but I am rubbish at wearing jewellery in general or I'd probably splash out on some. As it is, I indulge in the odd cheap and cheerful dainty necklace and if I lose them, I don't fret. Like the time I lost one of the hearts (there were 3) on a necklace bought by the hubs. That was an expensive replacement job. He still doesn't know.

Sara said...

Maybe you just have to figure out what kind of jewellery person you are.
I'm terrible with necklaces-love them on other people-but they never feel "right" on me.

But I've been a dangly earring girl most of my life-and just stick to that now.

Of course I wear these with jeans and a tee!

I remember when I got engaged I was so freaked out by the idea of losing the ring-and I thought I'd get mugged or something (it's a normal ring, not a bowling ball).

Same with my late grandmother's jewellery. But then I figured if I don't enjoy it what is the point of having it? So now I wear it as much as I can. No accidents yet!