Monday, April 6, 2015

lovely styles that don't work on me

body shape
loose waist
chunky sneakers
round boots
sandals with straps
slouchy pants


flared sleeves
large prints
dainty jewellery
chunky jewellery
large bags
midi skirts
maxi skirts
oversized anything
puffy jackets
dresses with long sleeves


know thyself, n'est-ce pas?

all my life i've been under the impression that i could pull off almost everything, fashion wise.
and i still think it was true, most people can if they tweak and style things to overcome challenges.

as i get older, not so much.
there is something to be said about going a bit wild when you're young and cute and it's easy to get away with anything.

i am so attracted by these styles and wish they would work for me, but they don't.
you can see a selection, done beautifully right, above.

i'm 38, 5'3, petite, hourglass figure, shortish arms and legs and semi-covered in tattoos.

so basically anything out of proportion, anything that breaks up my vertical lines, anything that accentuates the bosom too much, that swallows my petite frame, that clashes with my tattoos or is a bit cartoonish or costumey is OFF.

sigh. it's ok, you can't have it all!



Sue said...

Yup totally agree. What looks cute and acceptable on my 18 year old god-daughter looks deranged and mad on me. Le sigh.

My main thing which doesn't work on me - bare arms and sometimes adding a cardigan can totally kill a look. But I am also nesh. And I have short legs - harem slouchy pants - so so bad. And I can't do things with waists actually as it emphasises my lack of one these days. Man it's hard getting old.

Jamie-Lee from Mademoiselle looks beautiful in that dress in the first pic doesn't she? Oh to be able to wear something like that.

Sara said...

I agree about the cardigans-I gave up on them. I will also forever associate them with covering my tattoos up for work-such a buzzkill.

And being short is a whole different dimension,right?

Someone shoud write a book about dressing for people 5'3 and under...

And yep, the easy-breezy summer look speaks to my heart so much, it was that picture that inspired my list (an attempt to stop myself from making the same old mistakes)?

Lovely but so not for me. I'll forever be a little bit more rough around the edges, I tend to get grungy looking too easily...