Friday, April 24, 2015

take a tour of my dream home

this post is going to sound a bit crazy. so be it. 

a while ago i had a vivid dream of a house, or rather an apartment. when i woke up i made a special mental note of it because in the past i've dreamt of my next, future house in advance for every single house i've lived in during my adult life. this would be the fourth time (i actually skipped one, temporary apartment). 

now i know this sounds insane but when i was apartment shopping i was able to walk in and "recognize" the place. even now that i live in a boarding school, in a building that used to be an old tb sanatorium, i was dreaming of the place constantly way before i ever visited it in real life. 

weird, creepy and cool. just how i like it.

when i saw this picture on pinterest i realized it looked a lot like my latest "house" dream: the light, the windows, the layout.

this particular apartment is is stockholm (i wouldn't mind that)!

but it could be anywhere really, it's a pretty simple layout. i'll be on the lookout.

in any case this got me excited about what elements of decor are must-haves in my ideal next house. 

here is a visual list from my pinterest home folder.

if i were to get half of my wishlist i'd be happy!


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