Thursday, April 2, 2015


kitten heels and i are having a moment. i'm hoarding them like there's no tomorrow and who knows, maybe there isn't. fashion is fickle.

these zara booties are amazing in so many ways: the heel is low enough to be absolutely comfortable, they're padded inside so it feels like walking on a cloud and the low cut at the ankle and pointed toe really make your legs look longer (5'3 gal).

bonus points for being a versatile taupeish-brown color that looks good with gray and navy alike (my two base colors) and for going with everything: skinnies, straight leg jeans, skirts and dresses alike (plus or minus tights).

so there. these will take the place of my gray wedge booties that gave a couple of extra centimeters but didn't do their job in the flattering department.

sometimes you just have to upgrade!



Sue said...

You wear those pushing a buggy?

Sara said...

Actually I hated pushing the buggy so much now I walk with Anna everywhere (she'll be two at the end of this month). I like that she's getting used to walking as a means of transportation, and extra bonus: we have the same pace!

Really though, I find low heels are almost as comfortable as flats. I go for walks of about an hour in these. They improve my awful posture too!