Sunday, August 2, 2015

bettie circa 2004

pardon moi for the radio silence. 

one of my cats suddenly died a month and a half ago and i've been adjusting to the boredom and dread of life without a black cat.


Sue said...

Oh I'm really sorry to hear that. I lost mine a year ago and it does take some readjusting to. Just think of the good and happy times and their goofiness. I do and it makes me smile.

Sara said...

Sue, you always leave the nicest comments. I really appreciate it!

I do miss the goofiness and how "bad" she was. That's a cat's life well lived, right there in a nutshell...

And my other cat is freaking out now because she doesn't have anyone to beat on lower on the totem pole. Bizarre is the word hat comes to mind!

Are you thinking of adopting another one?