Sunday, January 10, 2016

have you bought anything these sales?

i've stocked up on my favorite j crew painter shirts and matchstick jeans.

i also took a gamble on these gold j crew boots and topshop parka.

i hope it all fits!


Sue said...

How did you get on?

Sara said...

The parka arrived today (got it from zalando). It's very oversized on me (in a size 6). Not sure yet if I like that or not. I took the big fur trim off immediately as it was a bit overwhelming. Not sure that's a good sign. I did like the color (less dark than most khaki coats). Not crazy about the large cargo pockets (proportions, once again). We'll see what my husband thinks, he's a good sounding board!

Still waiting on all the J Crew (their shipping takes 6-8 days, but who can argue with 5 francs shipping and free returns?)

What have you bought, Sue? I spied your new GG sneakers!