Monday, January 18, 2016

a little stardust & some oddities (db's on my mind)

i'm so glad i didn't settle for any of the many boots i ordered and sent back this winter.

i just kept comparing them to these j crew gold boots i had seen and they felt very meh.

i'm glad i waited because now they're mine!

first oddity was these showed up for one day only at a very discounted price and then zipped back up, which led me to take a chance even though they were about a size, size and a half less than what i usually wear. 

the second oddity was they fit just fine and actually look pretty smart since they don't do that gaping around the ankle thing that most ankle boots tend to do.

and the third oddity is how instead of looking absolutely ridiculous and over the top, they really complement the more practical coats and jackets that i usually detest wearing because they make me feel frumpy (paired with snow boots or sneakers). i'm looking at you, lands end squall parka and j crew lightweight puffer.

exhibit a

exhibit b

i'm not sure what's up with all the ivory outerwear btw. i have my moments.

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