Friday, April 22, 2016

color of spring

grey should be the official color of spring in switzerland. it's very damp and foggy with the occasional sunny or snowy day. a mixed bag to say the least.

i've recently been hoarding grey shoes: from the bone heel topshop boots and heeled ballerinas to the vero moda flat mules i thought i'd never find. now i feel prepared for the typically unpredictable swiss spring weather.

it sure is a long way to sandal weather around here.


Ellie Seymour said...

I hoard grey jumpers! I love grey. I haven't ventured into the grey shoe department... yet! Am intrigued by the Topshop shoes though. I've heard they're really comfy.

Sara said...

Ellie, I also own by far more grey jumpers/sweatshirts in my wardrobe than any other color! Grey shoes are a bit harder to come by but I've quit black and i really dislike brown or tan. So this was like hitting the jackpot!! The Topshop boots are so comfy (I sized down) and I'm not a heels gal...