Tuesday, June 28, 2016

things that make me hum

life in vienna is good so far.

it's the little things, like our local park entrance looks like this

and my little girl is smiling a lot, which i like.

i bought a fiddle leaf fig today (it was love at first sight)

we also went to the zoo

it's slowly beginning to feel like home!


Ellie Seymour said...

Change is exciting. I'm considering moving from Brighton soon... wherever I go, I definitely need a fig tree. The leaves are so beautiful! Hope you're enjoying your new home, Sara. :-)

Sara said...

Thanks Ellie, I'm enjoying the process of making a new house a home and change is definitely exciting, confusing at times, too. Love the beautiful fig trees, trendy or not...and I would have been happy to move to Brighton immediately had it been in the cards, funny that!