Friday, January 13, 2017

going out

i'm so excited today because a. i finished all my university work for the first week back and b. our babysitter is back in town!

that means it's date night-after we haven't been alone for almost a month and a half (those christmas vacations are a double edged sword i tell ya).

i was so happy i was getting ready at about 10:00 am and i even took the rare selfie. 

looking forward to my favorite kind of date: book shopping, drinks & dinner. and it's a balmy +2 degrees which means i can wear a skirt/dress (with over the knees and fleece lined tights obvs).

only a couple hours to go now...


Ellie Seymour said...

Hope you had a great time! Sounds like you deserved a date night. Loving the sound of fleece tights haha!

Sara said...

We did have a great time, thanks! Feels like a million years ago already though...and fleece tights are a game changer, you should try them!